We build buildings that last. Our commitment to quality begins in the pre-construction phase, where we work with the owner and design team to review plans, provide guidance, and share best practices, lessons learned and innovative methods. We stand behind our quality and offer exceptional warranty service.


With our many years of experience in all types of construction methods we are able to not only manage the everyday construction activities, but also look ahead to potential problems and solve them before they become issues that will delay the project and cause unnecessary expense. Our own highly trained crews allow us to self perform the work needed to stay on schedule and fill in between the sub contractor trades. Our expert superintendents are very adept at managing multiple subcontractors to maintain a well orchestrated project from start to finish. Each project has a project manager who oversees all facets of the project from preliminary estimate to project close out. This person works with the owner and design team to make sure they are informed at every step of the project. By working as a successful team, we are able to consistently deliver high quality projects.

Our construction services include:

  • Project Manager
  • Full-time on-site supervision
  • On-going estimating and long-lead item ordering
  • Continuous value engineering
  • Contract negotiations with clients and subcontractors
  • Job cost monitoring and evaluation
  • Schedule development and monitoring
  • Safety training and compliance
  • Quality control and oversight
  • Federal and State wage compliance

Post Construction

Our goal is to provide a problem-free building. However, if there is a problem after construction we take responsibility for what we build. Our warranty program reinforces that commitment with a written one year warranty. We provide our clients with a complete and fully operational project, the knowledge to use and maintain it, and the assurance that we will be available to help resolve issues should they arise.

At building turnover we provide building operations and maintenance manuals and on-site training for staff and management.

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